Out In The Dark



Out in the Dark is as much a political and societal commentary as it is an original romance. Compelling and intimate, Michael Mayer's taut first feature follows a border-crossing relationship between an Israeli lawyer and an increasingly desperate Palestinian student.

Nimr, an ambitious Palestinian student in the West Bank, dreams of a better life abroad. One fateful night in Tel Aviv, he meets Roy, an Israeli lawyer, and the two fall in love. As their relationship deepens, they are both confronted with the harsh realities of a Palestinian society that refuses to accept Nimr for his sexual identity, and an Israeli society that rejects him for his nationality. When Nimr's close friend is caught hiding illegaly in Tel Aviv and sent back to the West bank, he is brutally murdered, forcing Nimr to realize that he has to choose between the life he thought he wanted and his love for Roy.

WINNER of 14 Audience Awards!

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Cast & Crew


Yael Shafrir / M. Mayer


Michael Mayer




  • Studio: Breaking Glass Pictures
  • Genre: Drama
  • Released: 11/5/2013
  • Run Time: 0hr 0min
  • Size: 1.41 GB (1080p HD), 0.74 GB (480p SD)
  • Format: WideScreen
  • HD: Includes 720p and 1080p

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