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Gruv (pronounced groove) is our new dance series. Volume 1 features some of our favorite all-time dance classics ... Donna Summer with a brand new remix of her classic hit "Whenever There Is Love" ... Tony Moran and his classic remake of the When In Rome hit "The Promise" ... Lonnie Gordon with her gospel infusion vs African rhythms dance remix of the Lion King classic "He Lives In You" ... Colton Ford & legendary diva Pepper MaShay's dance take on the Stevie Wonder classic "Signed Sealed Delivered" ... "Heaven Knows" and "Hot Stuff" delivered by dance divas Michelle Weeks and Kelly Llorenna + Love To Infinifty ... plus new mixes of Beyonce's "Naughty Girl", Fleetwood Mac-Stevie Nicks' "Gypsy" and the all-time gay classic "High".  Indeed this new series and Volume 1 are Hot Stuff! Enjoy and thanks for listening!

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Title Artist Length
1. Signed Sealed Delivered Colton Ford & Pepper MaShay 7:02
2. Naughty Girl (DeMarko! & Mike da Wizard Anthem Mix) Jemini 7:06
3. All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) Dihann Moore 9:15
4. The Promise (Moran & Rigg Extended Mix) Tony Moran 9:11
5. Heaven Knows Michelle Weeks 8:13
6. Whenever There Is Love (Rigg Vocal Mix) Donna Summer & Bruce Roberts 7:45
7. Gypsy (Haarmeyer Club Mix) The Nicks 6:49
8. He Lives In You (Rigg Gospel Infusion Mix) Lonnie Gordon 7:33
9. High Lighthouse ft Tony Moran, Nicki Richards+Z 3:09
10. Hot Stuff (Love To Infinity Mix) Love To Infinity feat. Kelly Llorenna 7:02

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